Things only immigrants can relate to

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Things only immigrants can relate to

Travelling from one place to another is not easy and especially a little extra difficult when it comes to living and not just visiting the place. If you have been an immigrant, travelling away from your home then you are surely going to relate with the stereotypes given below:

  • Whenever someone asks you ‘where are you from?’ you want to strangle them or send them your 2 hour long recording explaining when you were born, where you travelled and how you ended up here because answering that question is not something you look forward to anymore.
  • What is the obsession of people knowing about which place you like more? Is that even a question to ask? How are you supposed to compare two completely different experiences and tell which one you like more, because offending someone would never be your top priority?
  • Whenever you have a conversation with people, you are bound to get an eye roll or a pop out grin when you start your experience with ‘when I lived in…’ because honestly this is how you function now and stories can’t be complete without a background check.
  • Explaining your language or your thoughts when you are blowing up in emotions can be a wreck because you have a mixture of two or more languages as your mother tongue and you don’t seem to be an expert in either of them.
  • People would get confused when living with you because one day you will be all slang language while other days you would be a British sophistication. This would be completely random depending on the people you meet.
  • You are often confused with several words and references that you are unaware of because they would mean something completely and totally different from the place you come from which makes you a serious buzz killer in fun conversations or an outsider in inside jokes.
  • You always miss the food which you used to have in the previous country and you don’t know but you will miss the current food when you move to the next country and this is why living in the moment is especially hard for you.
  • And if you are lucky enough, you will find someone who relates to all these problems in their own sense but knowing that they are out there will get you excited more than anything.