This topic may sound weird and some people may become shy after reading this but this is a kind of study that is also important. In most countries this study is said to be a taboo and they consider it a sin discussing it. But when we don’t discuss it, we find out ways to know about it and when we find out about those ways like asking an elder person or a stranger, then there is a big problem because we don’t know who has what kind of intension. And if we search on internet, we get access to all kinds of sites like porn sites that doesn’t teach anything about the sex. And there are different people who say that they are in the wrong body or who have a specific preference, then this is the kind of doctor that we need to see and they will tell all about your body and what you can become and they also educate you about sex. If you are a kind of person that is interested in this topic and what to become a sexologist but don’t know where to start then we are here for you to tell you about how to become the best sexologist in Dubai in the best medical clinic in Dubai;

  1. First thing is first, you need to pass your school but make sure to study more about human behavior or study some medical subjects. You must be thinking that what has sex got to do with human behavior and medical subjects. Then we want to tell you that medical and sex and human behavior are the things that you will be studying when you opt for advance studies in sexology.
  2. Then you have to get your degree in specific subjects that are related to sex and psychology of sex. Because there are different people who are not comfortable with sex but they want to have, so you have to study their mind that either they got harassed in the past or saw something at a small age when they didn’t had to see.
  3. The third thing that you have to get is a license and before this, you have to work on a house job or get an internship at the best clinics in town and make sure to record most of the stuff.