Vascular surgeon is a vein doctor that diagnoses and treats various diseases of blood vessels. Blood vessels include veins and arteries. Spider vein disease is one of the most common disease of veins. It can be seen on legs and face. A vein doctor can determine the severity and condition of vein diseases and administer the most suitable way to treat these diseases. If you notice a vein showing abnormality like change in colour or bulging out then you should visit vein doctor. The risk factors of vein abnormality is family history and obesity.

When you notice changes in your vein with symptoms like pain and numbness then you should immediately make an appointment with a vein doctor. The doctor where is diagnose the type and severity of disease by looking at the vein or he can also ask for an ultrasound. In ultrasound valves of the veins are checked if there is a blood clot in it.

After diagnosing the disease, the doctor will recommend the treatment method in the best spine hospital in Dubai or in the best vein clinic in Dubai. These treatments include:

  • Sclerotherapy is a method in which a solution is injected into the swelling veins. Often this method is used for treating medium-sized bulging of vein. A solution is injected into the vein that irritates the vein and causes it to shutdown. Due to which the bulging and swelling fades away in few days.
  • Laser ablation is a method that is used to treat large abnormal veins. In this method laser energy is used to collapse the vein. Another method involves the use of a catheter. A small tube is inserted into the abnormal veins. The tip of the catheter heated with the help of radiofrequency energy. The blood from these veins move to deeper veins. The shutting down of these veins does not cause any problem in the circulation of blood as deeper veins are  involved in drawing large amount of blood.
  • Small incisions are made in case of severe abnormal veins. Microphlebectomy is a method in which these veins are removed from the body. As these veins are superficial it does not cause any circulation problems.
  • Apart from these medical procedures if the veins are not that severely affected then some Lifestyle changes can help in reducing abnormal veins. Eating healthy and reducing weight by exercising helps in reducing vein abnormality. Some vein abnormalities are temporary and fades over the period of time.