If you are reading this post after mid night and reading about coffee and now you instantly want to have a cup of your choice then we are very sorry to make you crave. We believe that it is not your fault because coffee is such a thing to crave for. Many elders say that coffee should be taken once in the morning and only once in a day but this is just a myth and there is nothing wrong with having coffee more than once but make sure not to over do it because there is a correct saying that too much everything is bad. Check this website to know more about Lavazza Coffee Beans UAE. There is much to know about coffee and still food experts and health experts are finding more things about coffee that are astonishing. If you want to know more about coffee beans then we suggest that you know about the types of it initially. Keep reading to know more;

  1. If you are a fan of strong coffee and you never find good and strong coffee then we know just the beans that can help you get your mind fastened. And these beans are called Vietnam Robusta. During the world war 1 and world war 2, the Vietnam soldiers were said to be the ones that did not feel tired and when the world discovered was that they used to have the premium Vietnam Robusta coffee and you can say that Vietnam is said to be the biggest exporter of coffee in the world.
  2. If you are looking for a coffee that is less strong and that is of premium quality then we suggest that you get the Indonesia Robusta and Arabica. This is the kind of coffee that is mostly taken by Europeans and each year at least 650,000,000 kilo grams of coffee is exported from Indonesia to different parts of Europe. Because people in European countries don’t like to drink strong and dark coffee.
  3. Then there is Brazil Arabica. This is the world’s best coffee providers in the world and each year 2,694,200 tons of coffee is exported each year to different parts of the world. This coffee is famous because this coffee is low in acidity which means people who have different stomach issues and who cannot drink coffee but want to, this coffee is best for those.