Fuel tanks are essentially required for holding the fuel used to power motors in various machines. The fuels contained in fuel tanks are often highly flammable and explosive. This makes the tanks not only a storage facility, but a safety feature in many aspects.

Poorly manufactured fuel tanks may put individuals at a greater risk for confronting an explosion. Fuel tanks that lack proper functioning, safety features or are more prone to leaks may expose fuel to high-risk conditions, including heat and sparks.

In addition to storing fuel, tanks are responsible for shielding fuel against harsh conditions, relieving excess pressure if fuel expands, however not reacting with fuel.

The right tanks are made of strong, non-porous materials that are not reactive with the fuels that they store. For example, a gasoline tank for an automobile if made of certain types of plastic, gasoline can penetrate or react with plastic over time, because gasoline and plastic are both petroleum products. Despite of this, there are many times when manufacturing defects cause a few tanks to malfunction and cause catastrophic accidents.

These isolated incidents generally occur due to the negligence or not knowing about the risks associated with such reservoirs or vehicles carrying them. These accidents are not extensive so people know less about the dangers related to the operations they are conducting on a daily basis.

Employees who suffer injuries from exploding tanks are entitled to financial compensation for their injuries from the respective organization. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the blast, any individual who becomes a victim can file a lawsuit against the company to recover financial compensation for the incident. Likewise, the organization can refer back to the tank manufacturer and question about the quality of the tank if something happens within a short period of usage. It is hence crucial for an organization to keep a check and balance on the maintenance and servicing of the fuel tanks regularly.

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