Following is a list of documents you need to submit if you want the admission of your child in the best school in Qatar.

  • Passport of the candidate or the ID card of the candidate (valid)
  • Birth certificate of the candidate
  • Passport size of the candidate (recent)
  • Permit of the residence of the student
  • Passport of the parents
  • ID card of parents
  • Permit of the residence of the parents
  • Record of vaccination
  • Certificate of transfer from the preceding school (if you are transferring)
  • Health certificate of the candidate

After submitting all these documents with the application form, the team of admission will call you for evaluation or examination. You will have to go the school at the time they have called you. If you pass the examination successfully, then you will get a letter of confirmation of your admission in the school.

These requirements can be also fulfilled in the best international schools in Doha.

How the examination and evaluation is conducted in the schools of Qatar?

The examination and evaluation is conducted by the team of admission. They basically test the fundamental knowledge and skills of a child. The team also notice the behavior of the child and how they communicate with the team.

A comprehensive test of the child is conducted. On the basis of the test and above mentioned methods, the child is given admission in the school.

What are the categories of schools in Qatar?

There are categories of schools in Qatar. They are as follows.

  • Sovereign Schools. The syllabus of sovereign schools is given by Highest Education Board. The lectures are given in Arabic and science, English and math are mandatory subjects.

The kindergarten schools starts from three to six years. The primary school which includes classes from one to six and the age is from six to eleven. The preparatory school starts from classes seven to nine and the age is from twelve to fourteen. Then comes the secondary school which comprises of classes ten to twelve and the age is fifteen to eighteen.

  • Non-Publics Schools. Many of the emigrants go to non-public schools. The curriculum of international school is taught in non-public schools. There is a program named as Qatar Communal School Delegation System. All the non-public schools come under this program.