Granite or Corian Countertops – Things to Know

We live in a fast age. Everyone is so busy nowadays that they mostly end up following different trends just like this many people are considering these countertops in their kitchens. But they come in so many different designs and every countertop is different from the other. So, it’s really hard for a customer to choose between all these various kinds. Id the customers close their choices into two zones one is granite and the other is corian then still they will end up confused because they do too come in many various sizes, designs, textures and mu8ch more. So we will discuss these too closely and one by one.

First the customer should know about the pricing of these two stones. The granite countertop is expensive than the corian top supplier in Dubai. The difference of price gap is not that much big. The price of corian countertop starts from 40$ to 150$ which you can buy from the best sanitary ware in UAE and on the other side the granite countertop price starts from 40$ to 200$. The next charges that are included in these two countertops are installation charges and they depend on the company or the experts you hire.

The next point is the durability and strength. IN this case granite wins the war when it comes to durability. The granite is resistant to scratches and they are resistant to heat too. An individual can place a hot pan or bowl on it and it will not make a difference to it. They won’t crack from the heat. They are durable in this scenario. But if the individual will spill some acidic material like lemon juice or other chemical the stain will stay there for a long time. So, they will be resealed after every 6 months or 12 months. On the other side corian countertop is not resistant to scratches but they are not considered in sealing them. You can spill anything on them and the corian countertop will stay fine. The corian also has a limit of heat on it. If the heat limit rises the heat will give damage to the corian countertop. The color of the countertop will fade away if anything with high temperatures touches the surface of corian countertop.

The material of granite is a natural process. I t is a natural occurring material while on the other side the corian material is based on binding resin various minerals and other dyes.

The look of both of these materials is one of their kinds so both of them look beautiful when they are applied in a kitchen.