Eligibility to get a student visa to Canada

A permit for studies is an IRCC application that pays for a thesis in Canada by a foreign national for a short period. Upon provided, the foreign national shall use the length of the given course or program to study at an accredited institute in Canada. To apply for a Canadian study:

  • A school, university, university or other academic institution in Canada must have admitted you.
  • You must show that you have enough funds to pay: tuition bills, living expenses for yourself and any other families who visit Canada with you; and the transition back to you and any family members who visit Canada with you.
  • You ought to be law-abiding and illegal and no danger to Canada’s safety. A police credential could be required.
  • You must be well and ready, if possible, to carry out a medical test.
  • At the end of your permitted stay, you must satisfy an immigration officer that you will depart Canada.

The visa office may request you to attend an interview with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. You will also be contacted directly by the Visa Application Center and told about the online application monitoring system with an update. Application Center will email you.

Job on Campus

As a foreign student, after you finish your studies, you can work on campus without a work permit:

  • You are enrolled at a public post-secondary school as a full time student (college, university, CEGEP).
  • You are admitted to a private post-secondary school as a full-time undergraduate, working according to the same laws and regulations as a public institution and receiving a minimum of 50% support from government subsidies.
  • A Canadian private institution approved to issue bonds is admitted as a full term pupil. You are a provincial student.
    • The research license is valid.
    • Employments outside the campus
  • As a foreign student, after you finish your studies, you can work off-campus with a work permit
  • You are enrolled as a pupil of full-time at a qualified private funding college at a publicly funded post-secondary school.
  • You have submitted and obtained your work permit.
  • During daily university classes, you only work up to 20 times regularly and during full-time periods (for example, winter and summer holidays or spring break).

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