Different Water Tanks For Different Purposes

With the intention of saving water and conserving it for a longer period of time, keeping the hygienic point of view in mind, we always look for the best reservoirs for water storage. A water tank is definitely the best option with numerous kinds readily available in the market.  Depending upon your requirement and type, let’s decide from the following water tanks:

Rainwater tanks

Rainwater can be best stored in reservoirs or tanks available in the market for various purposes like washing, cleaning, plantation etc. Since these tanks are used in rainwater collection, it is significant to know their types and usage.

Polyethylene rain water tanks– They can be used for both above the ground and below the ground storage. These UV resistant, considerably light weight tanks are available in an affordable range. Polyethylene reservoirs are specifically manufactured to offer years of service for applications like sodium hypochlorite, sulphuric acid, Caustic soda and hydrochloric acid for the water treatment.

Fiberglass rain water tanks– Efficiently resistant to rust and chemical corrosion, these tanks can also withstand extreme temperature. Despite being expensive, these tanks are widely used and frequently bought.

Concrete water reservoir– These are quite durable and long lasting. Concrete tanks are more open to cracks but serve you for years once repaired. The major drawback however, is the algae growth where there is sunlight.

Concrete tanks provide higher safety and longer life as they are highly durable, corrosion and chemical resistant. They require less maintenance contrary to steel and fiber glass ones.

A wide range of carbon and steel tanks are also available for liquid storage requirements. These are likely to be used for above ground storage of flammable and combustible liquids. You may find a wide range of these in generator, farm, skid, standpipes, oil-water separators, waste oil, water storage ones and other fuel storage reservoir. Find many water tank manufacturers in UAE and click on the link to get more info about