Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the best car export in Dubai that gives comfort with performance. It is a luxury vehicle that have a space of up to eight people and that is more space than any of its competitors. It is the best car for family for road trips and also you can hang out with your friend and can show some serious off-road performance in this car. The car is so powerful that it can also be towed. The land cruiser generation was released back in 2008 so the 2019 Land Cruiser is the 6th generation of the vehicle and it is almost like the 2018 model with some modifications and advancements. New options like the side Mirrors can fold on parking and the rear entertainment system is optional.

here is the list of some of the reasons that you should buy are 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser in Dubai export:

  • Land Cruiser has a V8 engine that is capable of producing 381 horsepower. The V8 engine is 5.7 litre. If 8 persons are traveling on Land Cruiser still it will run smoothly on the road because it has greater torque. The weight of the Land Cruiser is 5800 pounds but its power and torque both help in giving a smooth ride with comfort and high-end performance.
  • Most of the SUV perform are for hauling passengers for road trips and getting groceries but in this case Toyota Land Cruiser is one of a kind. Apart from hauling passengers it also has great off-road performance abilities. It has high power with great torque that makes the vehicle ready for adventurous tracks.
  • The Land Cruiser is designed in a way that it gives clear commanding view of the road it gives a Clear View from the front mirror and as well as on the sides too. The Land Cruiser have Windows and seats That Give great visibility and also one can look at the rear mirror easily. It also has rear view cameras for enhanced coverage of the road.
  • The Land Cruiser have a massive cargo space as compared to another SUV. Its third row can be made cargo spacious by folding seats towards sides and the middle seat can also be folded that gave a large space for cargo storage.
  • The Toyota Land Cruiser provides a lot of room to passengers. An average size adult can travel in the car with great comfort and lot of leg space.