The use of solar panels is growing at pace from the last two decades and it should increase because we need a lot of electricity nowadays to run homes and industries and it costs a lot of money. There are many advantages and uses of solar panels. That’s the reason why industries and factories prefer to install steam generators and a photovoltaic system to get power from modules and solar cells. Scroll down to know seven most important uses of these panels.

  1. Solar panels can produce electricity for homes and industries through photovoltaic systems that convert sunlight into electricity by absorbing sun rays in the modules that have 40 solar cells to absorb rays. Several arrays of the system are enough to switch on lights on the house but industries would need hundreds of photovoltaic arrays.
  2. Solar panels can heat water via solar water heating system. The system has a collector and storage tank. The collector collects heat to warm water and the warm water pass into the storage tank to save it. 
  3. Solar panels decrease carbon dioxide emission in homes and industries where they are installed because solar energy reduces pollution. Therefore, there is a reduction in the emission of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and other greenhouse gases if there are panels. 
  4. Solar panels can bring light and electricity in remote areas as well. All you have to do is to install modules in the place that face the sun and connect it to the wires so that light could be passed in all homes. 
  5. Solar panels can charge batteries. Engineers have made a battery backup system that stores energy as a power in the day and you can then use that power at night when there are no sun rays in the sky and atmosphere.
  6. Solar panels can reduce your electricity bills. Although they are expensive to buy and install on the roofs, they save a lot of money that you spend on bills. That’s the reason why solar panel companies are growing.
  7. Solar panels give you a great opportunity to return investment and then earn money. Many areas and countries allow citizens to sell excess electricity or “feed-on-the-tariffs” to neighbourhoods. Initially, you could cover the money that you spend on panels and then you can earn money and profit from it.

So, these are the seven most important uses of solar panels. You can buy panels from solar system companies in Lahore for cheap to save money and then make money.