Finding ways to support local businesses through Google Maps

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Being a part of community, it is extremely important to consider supporting small businesses. But the problem here is that not everyone is aware of all the small businesses available around, which is why it becomes harder to reach them. If you are really dedicated to helping them out, then we believe you are going to like the following tips:

  • Change the status of a business

Due to COVID-19 there are several businesses which were forced to close down and reduce their timings but now that things seem to be settling off, things are opening up and so are businesses. So if you know some place which was previously shut down but now is open then you should report it as reopened on Google Maps to help the business as they may not have the time to do so themselves.

  • Review and rate them

Reviews and rates are one of the most helpful tools out there and they can work both ways for customers as well as the businesses. Your review and feedback can be extremely helpful. So keep reviewing the small businesses and help them grow. Try to tag the places in your posts too and it will become easier for you.

  • Consider their online classes

It is no secret that there were several small businesses which were helping teachers and instructors to come to a single platform and showcase their talents and earn are now shutting down. These instructors are on the lookout for income and online classes seem to be a good source for them. Consider joining their classes and acquiring a new skill by helping them out too.

  • Buy gift cards or donate

Gift cards are something which always comes in handy and you can never go wrong with them. If you really want to help out these small businesses then get a gift card and share it with your loved ones. We all can use a little love in these troubling times. While donation is an evergreen helping tool which will surely make the businesses be thankful. Check the ‘support local businesses’ option on Google maps, it will help you find out the right way to donate.

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